All heavy machinery, especially machinery used in the mining, industrial, and farming industries, requires on-going mobile maintenance to keep it running smoothly.


Large machinery that is poorly maintained not only runs inefficiently, but breakdowns are costly.


Here are Razorback Constructions’ top five tips for getting the most out of your equipment.


Schedule regular large machinery operator training

As many operations run constantly, large machinery often has multiple operators, and each of these should be trained in how to spot issues as they arise. Correct operation of the equipment is imperative, as is regular, thorough inspection. The knowledge your staff learns about maintaining your equipment can become valuable in saving you time and money.


Add and test lubricants frequently

Lubricants reduce friction around moving parts and are one of the most important maintenance checks. Making sure you regularly schedule lubrication maintenance extends the life of large machinery equipment and parts.


  1. Look for signs of excess oil build-up
  2. Check for leaks around oil seals.
  3. Be sure to use the right lubricant.


Check for signs of wear

Heavy machinery is subject to a huge amount of stress. Many factors contribute to the breakdown of parts in heavy machinery from vibration and high temperatures to friction and age.

If you notice any wear and tear on any moving parts, be sure to address it quickly before it becomes a significant hazard.


Clean equipment is efficient equipment

Heavy machinery has many seals and filters to keep working parts clean and free of contamination. These seals require regular inspection to make sure they’re in good working order. Store your large machinery inside if possible and remember to run it periodically if it’s not in use.


Create a maintenance and repair schedule

Keeping track of what has been serviced and when is important when running heavy machinery. It helps you know what is due for inspections as fluids, tires, tracks, and electrical systems all need regular maintenance.


Why choose Razorback for your remote equipment repairs?

From remote mine sites to moving earth in a city centre, or carrying out difficult structural engineering jobs, having functioning equipment is imperative. Every time your heavy machinery breaks down, it costs you time and money, often holding up the rest of the project.


We understand how important it is to resume production as fast as possible, which is why we offer onsite repairs and maintenance with mobile steel fabricators and welding, wherever you are.


Most of the equipment we build and maintain has to withstand the Western Australian climate’s punishing conditions, often working long hours with little downtime. This is why we believe maintenance is such an important part of being steel fabrication specialists.


For more information on Razorback Constructions mobile equipment maintenance and repair services, regardless of your location in WA, contact us today.