Komatsu WA900 Bucket

Here at Razorback Construction we pride ourselves on our ability to design innovative solutions to each of our customers specific requirements and mining needs. We thrive on using our extensive experience and high quality steel fabrication facilities to tackle difficult problems, so when one of our clients approached us last year with an issue we jumped at the chance to help.

The request was to assist in reducing the extensive downtime they were experiencing with their loader, an issue which developed due to the tough environment they were operating in. As it became clear they weren’t getting the required activity level they required from their G.E.T system they knew they needed an innovative solution.

Mining equipment repair

After discussing each requirement and existing condition with this client, we formulated a plan to improve the performance of their mining bucket and significantly increase productivity. As they were already using the highest spec G.E.T from their preferred supplier, this job wasn’t going to be as simple as upgrading the system to reduce changeout intervals.

The experienced team here at Razorback has the capabilities and facilities needed to manufacture and repair all types of Earthmoving Attachments. We focus on our clients’ needs to ensure each solution we provide is specific to the equipment and environment in question, whether that be through custom product design, mining equipment repairs, or loader bucket rebuilds.

Loader bucket repair

In order to provide an effective solution for our client we knew they needed to get creative, and so over the next 12 months we completed two configuration re-fits on the OEM parts. These successful reconstructions meant we were able to accomplish increased G.E.T changeout intervals while also extending the lifespan of the bucket wear package.

As specialists in custom loader bucket repair and reconfiguration, we knew how to make subtle yet imperative changes to the cutting edge design of the wear package in order to significantly improve its durability and increase overall productivity for the client.

By choosing a Razorback bucket refit, our client was able to dramatically reduce onsite maintenance resulting in a huge increase in work capacity and overall output. As well as providing high quality loader bucket repairs and maintenance, we have the specialist knowledge to rejuvenate your mining equipment and take performance to the next level.

Mining buckets

As long standing experts in providing the WA mining community with the highest quality mining buckets and equipment repairs and redesigns, we have the knowledge and the drive to deliver buckets that can withstand the toughest mining conditions in Australia. We may not be the only ones providing excellent buckets but our products have proven themselves capable in tough digs as long-lasting, reliable machines.

We work with all major brands when it comes to our specialised design, maintenance and repair of mining buckets, including Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, and Liebherr. Utilising Razorback bucket design is guaranteed to majorly reduce onsite maintenance and increase mining productivity in all areas.

With a reputation for exceeding expectations, we are proud to have built a position of trust in the WA mining and earthmoving industry. To find out how we can help you revive your equipment, or provide you with specialised, top-of-the-line mining buckets, contact the team at Razorback today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.