With ANZAC Day’s tradition cancelled due to isolation we have decided to take part in the Driveway tribute to pay our respect to the fallen veterans. Families across Australia who are wanting to honour the fallen soldiers are asked to stand at their driveway or balconies with a candle at 6 am to pay their respects. ABC radio and other commercial networks will be broadcasting services from 6 am, musicians are also encouraged to play the last post. Residents are being urged to decorate the front of their homes with poppies and wreaths. The tribute is a great way to collectively come together to pay our respects while maintaining social distancing.

Remembering our heroes

Nothing can stop us from remembering those who served and sacrificed. This act will send a powerful message of solidarity to the defence community. We are encouraging all our employees to take part in the driveway service this year. Coming together as a community during these tough times to pay our respects to the people who served for us shows our true Australian nature. Anzac Day is not all about the dawn service, it’s a day to remember those that fought and those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

The 25th of April marks the first major military war fought by both Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. It commemorates the sacrifice of those who died during. The ANZAC’s arrived in Gallipoli on April 25th, meeting intense resistance from the Ottoman Turkish defenders. What intended on being a bold stroke to knock Turkey out of the war quickly became a stalemate, the battle dragged on for eight months. By the end of 1915, the ANZAC’s were evacuated from the peninsular. Both sides suffered severe casualties and endured great hardships. Although the Gallipoli campaign failed in the military objectives, the actions of these soldiers left a powerful legacy. Australians saw ANZAC’s as innovative, fearless, loyal and unafraid to question authority. These beliefs regarding the Gallipoli Campaign have been reinforced each Anzac Day since 1915. Today, they’re deeply embedded in the Australian spirit.

Razorback Mining Equipment Repair

At Razorback Construction we value endurance, determination, initiative, persistence and mateship. These characteristics can all be associated with the ANZAC’s during the First World War who fought bravely representing our country. Razorback Construction stride to put quality and precision into every job within the workshop, from mobile earthmoving equipment maintenance to off-site mining equipment maintenance. Through this, we can put quality resources back into our country.