With our motivated group of dynamic tradesmen supported by an experienced leadership team with extensive trade back ground Razorback is the solution for any steel fabrication or welding requirements to your mobile assets onsite. 

We embrace all challenges and have a true understanding of the extreme conditions faced by your equipment and the experience to always know the most efficient repair option.

At Razorback Construction we know the mining and earthmoving industry inside out and understand the unique challenges that are faced. This confidence in our knowledge is why we have built our business around creating innovative, custom resolutions to solve these problems.

We listen to the requirements of our clients, and use our extensive experience and knowledge to build high-functioning, durable products that are perfectly suited to the tough environments they will be used in. As Western Australia's premier producer of steel fabrication and loader bucket development, we have the capabilities and know-how to manufacture, repair, and maintain all forms of loader buckets and earthmoving products.

Mining Bucket Projects

The team here at Razorback loves a challenge, and our bread and butter is taking on singular problems from clients and working hard to develop successful solutions that guarantee huge increases in productivity, over long periods of time.

A common problem brought to us is an excessive amount of downtime is occurring on site due to regular maintenance required for mining buckets, and we understand that any issue like this that decreases activity levels can be detrimental to productivity. After listening carefully to every aspect of the problem and understanding all requirements we look at every possible angle to reconfigure the loader bucket to suit the clients needs.

From repairing and replacing existing OEM parts, to analysing the current G.E.M and ensuring the highest spec is in place, and engineering specialized improvements, our experienced team is prepared to do whatever it takes to deliver on a project. We thrive on putting our exacting maintenance standards to the test, and no product leaves us without meeting meticulous measures of excellence.

We custom build mining buckets to withstand the harshest conditions Australian mines have to offer, and our top notch facilities are capable of building heavy-duty cast lips and welding digger buckets, regardless of size. As well as fixing any existing issues with the loader bucket we strive to greatly improve on the design. By decreasing the overall weight and increasing capacity payload wherever we can, we have provided our clients with amazing results and increases in productivity, time and time again.

As specialists in custom loader bucket repair and reconfiguration, we know how to make subtle yet imperative changes to the cutting edge design of the wear package in order to increase durability and productivity in a truly dependable way.

Backhoe Bucket Specialists

As leaders within the WA mining and earthmoving industry since our inception in 2007 we understand that putting a band aid on something is not enough, which is why we strive to improve and innovate with every piece of equipment we get our hands on.

We pride ourselves on being backhoe bucket specialists, as our knowledge of Australian mining conditions combined with our top quality facilities means we can deliver every single time on reducing onsite maintenance and increasing overall productivity. Get in contact with Razorback today to find out how we can improve your equipment and use our commitment to innovation to up your game.